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The world famous Desert Point is claiming to be ‘the best left-handed break in the world’ and many surfers around the world consider it as a mecca. With Kuta as one of the most popular spots for surfers, it provides the professional with all possible surfing gadgets. As the sun rises from the horizon, lines of Balinese are approaching the beach and controlling their surf-boards with the same attentios as to their traditional dances, mastering the waves and penetrating the tubes. There are even places around Kuta Beach for more difficult surfing techniques. But we recommend you to talk to the locals first so you won't get into trouble.

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Wanna Surf Gili Trawangan
Take a boat over to Gili Trawangan and head to the south east corner of the island. It breaks about 300m out to sea. Whan its breaking you cant miss it.

This spot is called sectrets by the local boys who are more than welcoming to travelling surfers! (Cheers for screwing me over on arak and mushrooms once again ade!)I've surfed it twice in the last 4 years and it picks up more swell than you'd expect. The take off spot on the outside point is fairly easy, but it quickly jacks up to produce long and hollow walls. It breaks over a shallow reef for a long and fast ride. Its fun up to double overhead with long tube rides, but over that it becomes one serious wave that walls and walls and walls.

The local boys are a trip. I've never met a more welcoming set of guys. They actually pull off waves that are so blatantly theirs to watch you surf! I know a few guys in Kuta Bali that wouldnt do that! The spot itself is a little fickle, but when it starts breaking it really cranks. Its just a long wall that produces flawless barrells and when its going, everybody has a smile on their face! A word of warning though, i got caught by a rogue 15 foot set from a typhoon swell last summer which appeared from nowhere and nearly made me shark food. This is quite a ledgey reef and when the swell starts getting above double overhead, they jack up from nowhere. However, for those kamikazis out there, you'll be glad to know that at a bigger size, it still broke completely flawlessly.

In a land of left handers, this place is a refreshing change. The locals are cool, the atmosphere on the island is horizontal and the break, if a little fickle is well worth checking out. People doubt this spot, which is good because it keeps the crowds down. If you ask me its their loss! If you like your rights, its not such a bad thing to give up 7 meter desert point to 5 meter secret point.

Gili Air-Pertama Surf Forecast and Surf Reports
Gili Air-Pertama in West Lombok is a fairly exposed reef break that only works once in a while. May-Oct (Dry Season) is the best time of year for waves. Ideal winds are from the north northeast. Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the ideal swell angle is from the southwest. A right hand reef. Good surf at all stages of the tide. A fairly popluar wave that can sometimes get crowded Watch out for urchins and rocks.

This is the surf forecast page for Gili Air-Pertama, West Lombok. Use the tab navigation above to view Gili Air-Pertama sea temperature, Gili Air-Pertama photographs, Gili Air-Pertama detailed swell predictions, wind and weather forecasts, Gili Air-Pertama webcams, current wind from West Lombok live weather stations and Gili Air-Pertama tide predictions. The Indonesia swell maps link will open up the big picture showing Indonesia and the surrounding seas. These swell maps can be animated to show the different swell components, wave energy, wave period, wave heights, together with wind and weather forecasts, current weather and sea state observations from Indonesia wave-buoys, passing ships and coastal weather stations.


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Enjoyed the surfing Local Boys

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