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Redline enroute from Gili Trawangan to Benoa


11.30, Boarding in Gili Trawangan
Our tranfer-barge brings the passengers from the key to the boat. Transfer and boarding takes about 20 minutes, the crew makes the last checks for crossing the Lombok Strait. The sea between the main-land and the islands is calm, the upcoming wind lets the surf go smooth. It is a clear day, temperature is at 29 degrees celsius. Perfect conditions for the trip.

12.00, Departure from Gili Trawangan
The passengers are seated, all stations are secured and Captain Saprudi brings the two 430 PS Diesel-Jet Engines to full power. Redline 1 smoothly accelerates its 17 tonnes up to 26 Knots cruising speed. "The boat is very easy to handle." says the captain sitting on the helm about 1 meter above the passenger deck observing his instrumentary.

Along the Lombok coast
The people on the deck can feel the speed of the boat as it imperceptibly moves away from the shores of Lombok. Clouds are forming over the island and the morning myst still lays in the valleys as it is typical for this time of the year. The sight is free from the beautiful bay of Malimbu up to Senggigi. The best look is from the aft deck now where Gili Trawangan slowly dissapears.

Leap over the Strait
Soon Bali appears on the right hand side of the boat. The size of mount Agung makes it look as if you could just reach over and touch it. On clear days there is no better place to take a photo of it then from a passing boat. As Redline 1 gets deeper into the strait the sea constantly changes. Crossing areas with smooth surf followed by a some kilometers with low waves covered by foam crowns the boat finds its way over one of the deepest water-bodies of the planet.

Nusapenida in sight
While Balis east coast develops on the right hand side of the boat, the island of Nusa Penida gets in sight. Fantastic private residences followed by inviting hotels line up on the beach. Yachts of all sizes kind of promenade Redline 1 to its destination. But there is no jealousy, Redline 1 is the one of the most powerful and certainly the most modern boat that cruises these waters.

Landing in Benoa Harbour
Engines turned low the boat reaches the harbour in Benoa. Along private yachts, and commercial vessels it finds its way to the landing key. Disembarking goes fast and trouble-less, transfer cars and busses are already waiting and the crew says "Ahoi" and good bye to its passengers. Redline 1 gets ready for the turn back.


Pick up from Hotel

06.00 - 06.45 Am

Boarding time ( Benoa Harbor )

07.30 Am

Departure time ( Benoa Harbor )

08.00 Am

Depart to Gili Meno with Red Arrow Small Boat 10.30 Am
Depart to Gili Meno with Red Arrow Small Boat 11.00 Am
Arrive in Trawangan Trawangan  
Depart to Teluk Kode Lombok 11.00 Am


Depart to Gili Trawangan From Gili Air 10.30 Am
Depart to Gili Trawangan From Gili Meno 10.45 Am

Boarding from Trawangan Harbour

11.30 Am


12.00 Am

Arrived on Benoa Harbor Bali

15.30 Am


One Way

Rp.    680.000/Person


Rp. 1.260.000/person

Children 02-10 Years old /One Way

Rp.    500.000/person

Children 02-10 Years old /Return

Rp.    950.000/person

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